Panjin is located at the geological center of Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt, the nearest exit to the sea in East Mongolia and northeast region, with a highlighted advantage of hub node. Shenyang-Dalian highway, Beijing-Shenyang highway and high-speed railway as well as Shenyang-Panjin electrified railway pass through Panjin’s territory. Unique transport network provides a sound opportunity and space for the development of Panjin, strengthens support effect and the ability of stimulating the economy of surrounding areas and highly concentrates people, material and financial flows.

Land Transport: Beijing-Shenyang highway and Panjin-Haicheng-Yingkou highway meet in Panjin; Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railway and Shenyang-Panjin electrified railway pass through Panjin’s territory; When Ha’erbin-Dalian high-speed railway is opened to traffic, it will be forty minutes ride from Panjin to Dalian and one hour and forty minutes ride to Beijing.

Ocean Transport: Panjin is 95 km, 100 km and 260 km away from Bayuquan Port, Jinzhou Port and Dalian Port respectively; new Panjin Port will construct 60 berths with individual handling capacity of 50,000-30, 0000 tons. Now there are 4 docks of 5 million tons, 2 petrochemical docks and 2 general cargo docks with the total handling capacity of 15,000,000 tons. By 2015 the cargo throughput will be 100 million tons.

Air Transport: Panjin is 120 km, 100 km, 260 km and 65 km away from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, Jinzhou Airport, Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport and Yingkou Airport (under construction) respectively.


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