economyIn July 2009, Development and Opening of Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt was promoted to the national strategy, bringing a new development opportunity for the coastal area at the top of China and powering the northeastern revitalization.

Liaoning becomes a coastal opening region (the fourth growth pole), following Pearl River Delta, Yangzi River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Cities, waking up development and opening of Liaoning coastal economic belt and giving the loudest voice of development and opening of the coastal area at the top of China.

As an important node city of Liaoning coastal economic belt, Panjin lies in a junction of Northeast Asia Economic Circle, Bohai Economic Sphere and Northeast Economic Circle. Its central region is closely related with coastal zones and it is a city in the northeast of China with the greatest development potential.

The zone is focusing on building the first class petroleum & gas equipment production base worldwide as well as the important petroleum processing and lubricating oil production base in China, and finally made itself a 100-billion level hi-tech industry development zone.

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