CulturThe culture of China is special in many ways:

  • China has a great range of native food styles: From very spicy to very bland, sweet to sour, dry to soup-based, with just about every edible plant and animal served somewhere.
  • China has the only surviving pictographic writing system, and the world’s most-spoken and most-difficult-to-learn first language.
  • China shows a huge depth of culture developed in a long and relatively isolated history: Confucianism and other philosophy, Taoism, tea culture, martial arts, poetry, calligraphy, the imperial legacy, traditional dresses and minority traditions, ancestor worship, the animal zodiac, etc..
  • In China can be found the widest variety of commonly held belief systems on the planet: from capitalist to communist to spiritual, from atheist to ancestor worship to Buddhist to Muslim to Christian.

The social behavior in China:

  • Humility is very important
  • Questions and requests should be formulated indirect
  • An invitation should be returned
  • Conflicts should be discussed without offend sensibilities

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